Who Is CCS?
CCS, founded in January 2000, is a company formed on the principal that the customer is the key component to our success. We believe that it is essential that our customers get the greatest value from their IT budgets. For years we have heard stories of how computer support companies have delivered empty promises with long, sometimes endless waits for support. In our view this is simply not acceptable. We are currently a small company servicing the greater Fresno/Clovis and surrounding areas.
Each of our associates adheres to a common philosophy, which is the belief, that if you take care of your customers you will have absolutely no choice but to succeed.

Our Vision
Our vision is to bring one stop shopping to our customers for their IT needs. By carefully and completely determining the needs of our clients and consolidating all of the components for your business computing needs we can help you avoid the endless hours on the telephone with numerous vendors. We eliminate that frustration through careful documentation and leveraging existing warranty coverage. You call us and we contact all of the right people on your behalf to produce results.